Thank you to all those who took part in our 'Summer of Love' incentive, and we hope you spend your vouchers wisely with 'Christmas' fast approaching. Yes, we said the 'C' word, but Autumn is here, and Christmas will soon follow!
With your assistance, sales have been booming in the last three months, and we've SOLD more properties for our valued Partners than in the same period in 2019. To reward your continuing hard work and to help satisfy the increase in demand we're delighted to announce our 'List to WIN' competition for September.
See below for what the competition entails or should any further training be required or to register your interest, contact your local Business Development Manager or the Auction Department on 0208 0174248

Terms & conditions apply. Referrals must be sent through the partner agent system & the property must be referred & listed between Tuesday 1st September - Wednesday 30th September 2020. Qualifying listings are at Pattinson Auction discretion.